Much of your work as a nonprofit professional is immeasurable. How you keep track of every smile you generate? Can you tally the sighs of relief, the tears of joy, the woofs and meows of appreciation?

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Beyond the innumerable ways you make a difference in the community –human and animal – and the world, there are some numbers that are meaningful to members of the nonprofit sector.

Here’s a list 15 nonprofit statistics that quantify the triumphs, challenges, and realities of life for a nonprofit:

1. About 62.8 million people volunteered between Sept. 2013 and Sept. 2014 in America. That’s a volunteer rate of 25.3%. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics>> Click to tweet

2. The future for philanthropy is bright. U.S. charitable giving is predicted to grow by 4.8% this year, and another 4.9% in 2016. Individual and household donations make up the largest percentage of the whole, at about 70%, but foundation giving is expected to grow the most in the coming year. (Source:Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy)>> Click to tweet

3. American individuals, corporations, and foundations gave an estimated $335 billion to charity last year. (Source: Giving USA)>> Click to tweet

4. 31% of giving for 2014 happened in December, with 12% in of the annual total donated in the last three days of the year. (Source: Network for Good)>>Click to tweet

5. Revenue from major fundraising events decreased almost 2.5% last year. Smaller and newer peer-to-peer programs experienced growth. (Source: Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum)>> Click to tweet

6. Nearly 10% of donations come from mobile devices, and 16.6% of donors who support from an email are doing so on their device. (Source: npENGAGE)>>Click to tweet

7. The open rate for nonprofit emails is between about 15% and 17.5%, with appeals at the low end and advocacy and other emails garnering higher open numbers. Click-through rates have fallen across the board, though. (Source:Blackbaud)>> Click to tweet

8. Snail mail is more popular for fundraising appeals than for organization publications. A third of nonprofits aren’t planning to send a print newsletter this year, while 12% won’t send any direct mail appeals. (Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide)>> Click to tweet

9. 92% of nonprofit professionals use content marketing to spread their organizations’ missions, but more than half don’t have a documented strategy for their content. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)>> Click to tweet

10. Nonprofits have an average of 4.4 staff members responsible for technology in some way, a number that increases or decreases in correlation with the size of the organization. (Source: NTEN)>> Click to tweet

11. Manpower is short. 71% of nonprofit professionals cited staff shortage as a challenge in the face of planning a new digital strategy.  (Source: NTEN, Care2, hjc)>> Click to tweet

12. A volunteer’s time is worth about $23 per hour. (Source: Independent Sector)>> Click to tweet

13. More than half of nonprofits believe major gifts are essential, but 59% don’t have a major gift strategy. (Source: Bloomerang)>> Click to tweet

14. 46% of nonprofits don’t have a budget for technology training. (Source:NTEN)>> Click to tweet

15. Nonprofit communicators name Facebook as the most important social media channel for nonprofits, with Twitter in second place and YouTube in third. (Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide)>> Click to tweet

Whether it’s dollars distributed or hearts on Instagram, numbers can help tell your nonprofit’s story, even if it’s not the whole book. How do you use data to communicate or accomplish your mission?